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RemZzzs Autoship Testimonials


When I got my CPAP mask over a year ago, I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to wear it all night, or sleep well with this THING over my nose and mouth. I'm a mouth breather so the nasal mask didn't work for me. The first night I tried it, I was SO happy. I slept all night, there were not those embarrassing red marks on my nose that wouldn't go away for hours, and the mask stayed relatively free of leaks. I did not have that annoying wake up period at 3 AM, and got more rest than ever before. I am on AutoShip now, and I anticipate that this will be permanent. Thanks for your invention.


I am a confirmed user of the remzzzs for my CPAP mask. Before I discovered this simple solution, I was ready to give up on my sleep machine, even though it had proved to be a great help with my health and well being. With the high pressure prescribed by my doctor, I was awaking every 3 hours to reset the mask, as the leaks became unbearable. We tried different masks, but all reacted the same. Now that I am using the liner, I can sleep through the night, and the benefits to my overall sleep patterns have been maximized.


Before RemZzzs, I tried several CPAP masks and was unable to find one that allowed me sleep through the night. The full-face masks leak air, resulting in lots of strange noises which disturb my sleep. They also make a painful sore spot on the bridge of my nose. So I tried a nasal mask, but I found that if I opened my mouth at all, it would cause a strange drowning sensation, waking me from my sleep. I would always wake up after just 1-2 hours of sleep. So, I tried a nasal pillows mask, but it was very uncomfortable. When I found out about RemZzzs, I ordered a trial set. The first night, I was able to sleep the whole night with no disruptions. They really turned around my sleep apnea therapy. I consider them to be a vital part of my treatment.